Author : SportkelloWed, 11 Mar, 2015, 11:43

All across the globe and on all levels of life one usually finds people taking responsibility for their actions, positive they be or negative. Except for Lebanon, that is. For, in our country, things work differently. Not claiming responsibility and not being held accountable for our actions is a wide spread disease in the country as a whole and in sports as well. This lack of accountability is to be held accountable for hindering sports from advancing in the country and holding it back from joining the more progressed countries. 

In our country, remaining in your position, whether as a manager or a coach, highly depends on the side that supports you and rarely on your results. The manager or coach can act as he wishes when he wishes and not be held accountable as long as he remains faithful to his protectors.

For sports to develop in the country, it needs to be set free, and the road to this freedom starts with applying the principle of accountability. Only then would we be able to call ourselves an advanced country in sports.

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